We provide Aquatic Therapy for our extraordinary kids to maximize their potential. 

Unique properties of the water allow children to work on developmental skills such as crawling, walking, rolling and jumping. The hydrostatic pressure of the water provides a blanket of deep pressure to the child’s largest organ: the skin. Because he/she is in a swim suit, the skin is exposed to the viscous fluid, giving CNS messages about where the body is in space, giving the child constant sensory input throughout their time in the water.

Motor planning, self-regulation, speech, oral motor control, strength and coordination are just a few areas that are likely to improve as a result of therapy in the water. A treatment approach encompassing many different frames of reference in the water will result in children who not only enjoy the water but are able to participate in a leisure/recreation activity with peers.


Aquatic therapist work on:

  • Reflex re-patterning and integration
  • Play techniques
  • Sensory integration
  • motor planning
  • motor learning techniques
  • strengthening and coordination
Hearts and Hands Therapy Clinic has provided therapeutic services for my son for almost 7 years now. It is wonderful to be able to have all of his services within one clinic - he receives speech therapy, occupational therapy and aquatic physical therapy. The clinic provides the deep sensory experience he needs - even during speech sessions! His therapists provide loving and professional care to attend to all of his many medical needs, and are always willing to go an extra step to help him succeed! Jackson is excited to go see his team each week which speaks volumes!
— Jackson Hs Mom:

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