We provide Physical Therapy for our extraordinary kids to maximize their potential. 

At Hearts and Hands, pediatric physical therapy is provided to children from birth to twenty one who are experiencing functional limitations or disability due to disorder, a disease process, or trauma.

The goals of treatment are to diminish impairments and to prevent or decrease disability, while enhancing reflexes, improving tone, range of motion and strength as well as motor skills. Treatment may be focused on improving developmental tasks, motor planning, manipulation skills and coordination.

physical therapist assess and work on

  • Range of motion
  • Muscle tone and strength
  • Presence or absence of reflexes
  • Create and implement treatment plan to enhance motor function
  • Develop and extensive home program
We came to Hearts and Hands 4 years ago from a large healthcare system due to lack of results, the feeling of no empathy, and the concern that my child’s needs were slipping through the cracks. Amy responded with compassion, encouragement, and reassurance. We began with Speech therapy, later adding Occupational and Physical therapies as well. Although for medical reasons I am told not to have big expectations in my daughter’s development, I have seen huge strides in areas I never thought possible. All the therapists we see are patient and kind but also very assertive with my daughter, pushing her to her fullest potential while not giving up on her or allowing her to quit. They keep me updated while I am unable to attend her appointments and communicate timely and thoroughly with both her goals and accomplishments so I can remain 100% involved. In addition, they have been very flexible and understanding with our scheduling needs and financial arrangements. Hearts and Hands has not only exceeded my expectations but has restored my hope. I have recommended other families to them many times and will continue. We look forward to working with this amazing group for years to come. I appreciate Amy and her team more than words can express!
— April, mom of Ari