We provide Speech Therapy for extraordinary kids to maximize their potential. 

Communication is a vital link in making children successful and happy. The speech pathologists at Hearts and Hands Therapy, Inc. look at the whole child to address strengths and weaknesses and meet the child where he or she can best learn and excel.

We believe it is critical to teach skills, but just as importantly, to practice the skills with a variety of communication partners and situations so the children can build confidence and grow to their potential. Communication interactions are dynamic and variable. We aim to teach children to use their skills with flexibility and creativity to ensure success.

Services that can be offered by our speech pathologists include:

  • AAC device programming and language training

  • Literacy based intervention to target oral narrative skills that support reading and writing

  • Visual strategies and adapted materials support

  • Treatment of auditory processing disorder

  • Childhood apraxia of speech

  • Auditory processing

  • Early intervention language development

  • Appropriate articulation

  • Social skills/pragmatics

  • Remediation of speech sound disorders including articulation and phonological delays

  • Swallowing/feeding therapy

We came to hearts and hands because Finn wasn’t speaking as many words as the pediatrician thought he should. I worked with Finn everyday but he just wasn’t getting it. His expressive language was great, he just couldn’t verbalize. It was becoming very frustrating for both of us, he was upset because I couldn’t understand what he was saying, I was upset because I couldn’t figure it out. Finn started working with Mrs. Sandy and I could immediately tell a difference in him. He sat still for longer amounts of time, listened and followed directions better. Each week he would say something new, and I was amazed!! Now he is talking in 3 and 4 word sentences and can repeat almost any word I give to him. It has really changed our lives and has made our days so much easier. Mrs. Sandy is awesome, Finn always goes around saying “go to my school”.
— Finnley’s Mom: